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My favorite flower is...

The air carries the scent of the irises

Romeo Candore Van de Montague
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Full Name: Romeo Candore Van de Montague
Fandom: Romeo x Juliet
Four Walling: Allowed (for play/movie/anime).
Age: 16
Family: Duke Leartes Montague (father), Lady Portia (mother)

Romeo is a noble of the city, Neo Verona, who finds himself basically floating along the changes. His life has no direction besides following his father's, Duke Montague, wishes and he spends his days with his friend, Benvolio, in a sort of uncomfortable leisure.

That is until he meets Juliet and starts to be happy and thankful to be part of the world.

Knowing what true love is through Juliet helps Romeo to find himself and his own goals. He has always disagreed with the tyrant rule of his father, holding a great respect for life and caring about the happiness of others. Through their blossoming relationship, Juliet and Romeo start to love this world so selflessly that both (in their own ways) seek to bring hope and change: Return Neo Verona to its people.

Romeo's personality is nothing alike his Shakespeare self. He is both clever and naïve. Also he's a little impulsive (but less so than Juliet), frank, romantic, sweet, selfless, courageous, willful, easily confused, determinate and loving. His love is more of an all-encompassing affection than a blind passion. He's more passive than Juliet in all matters but of his feelings for her, needing to be inspired to do something, but once he is, he's capable of great feats. This is most likely because after living under his father's shadow for so long, he knows most will see him as "Montague's son" and not himself (while Juliet lived outside the shadows of her fate and origin most of her life). At the same time, he's the most romantic forward of the couple and, unlike Juliet who had insecurities, he has never doubted of his love and vows to her.

He's absolutely devoted to his beloved and the people he sworn to protect.

Romeo dislikes injustice, sacrifices, "fate" and about anything that makes people and the world suffer. And crazy tree-women who like to kiss his girlfriend and impale him through his chest.

Romeo x Juliet belongs to Studio Gonzo and William Shakespeare. This journal is owned by sir_hellsing (aka Lorena).