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Longing for the Iris

May 2010




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May. 27th, 2010


[OOC] Characterization gripes+contact thread

Lorena here.

If you've something to say about how I play Romeo or simply wish to contact me for some plot/idea/wonder if I live or not in case of delayed feedback, and you're too shy to IM me in AIM (Larisa Thessaly) or e-mail me (thess.fan.of.hellsing@gmail.com), leave a message here. Anon or not, everything is loved and taken in account! ♥

Comments are all filtered. :)

Sep. 14th, 2009

Building a future

✿ One Hundred and Fourth Iris ✿ [Voice Post ]

Justice isn't in hands of a few. Justice isn't what our leaders think it is. Justice is not about punish and suffering. Justice is about peace and fairness; a just system is the one the people has a voice and their safety is ensured. Miss Sabine, even you were involved into the butcher of so many? I...

Why would you do this?

Hatred and pain cannot bring forth justice.

The celebration in the Blue Light restored some of my joy and hope... Without Juliet and during that gloomy weekend.

J...Juliet. Would you be able to stop them with my assistance? I can shoulder your fate, but I hesitate when it comes to my own as you had doubts about the sanctity of our love.

Sir Hoyt! Tell me that you and your beloved lady didn't suffer any harm during that event! And, when you please, um... I am ready when you are.

Aug. 25th, 2009


✿ One Hundred and Third Iris ✿ [Accidental Voice Post ]

[Coughing for the excess of steam.]


I cannot breathe in this environment.
Neo Verona had clear blue skies. Juliet, are you gazing upon it right now?


Brother, I don't believe we'll be able to find the... EHHH??!

[In his shock, his device falls into the ground, activating the camera. It aims at the formerly winged mare while Romeo's voice is at the background.]

[Video switch]

Is that Terra? Seems like she is Terra. But...Um. Where are her wings?

(ooc; STEAMPUNK Pegasi, Janine suggested that instead of wings they fly by ~*STEAM POWER*~).

Aug. 1st, 2009

Waiting with Cielo

✿ One Hundred and Second Iris ✿ [Voice Post ]

Um... I...

I went to Juliet's room this morning to bring her the freshly iris and roses I had brought from Verona. She always liked to start early with the sweet scent of those flowers entwined in harmony. For various reasons, the white iris and the red rose weren't popular choices to mix in our home.


She didn't answered my calls.

[inhales deeply and continues]

I searched for her with Cielo, shouting her name at the sky... My apologies if I disturbed you with my searching until I visited the Hall. Her portrait features into the gallery of many faces of those who have left.

While I mourned her departure... I...

I know she is still with me! We made an oath, in life and in death, and despite the obstacles and distances between us, we'll be together eternally. Even though, I won't be able to hold her close or see her smiling face every day, I know she's next to me: the scent of the irises would never leave me nor the love I feel for the world, any world, I have been honored to spend my days next to her shan't ever fade. That's the joy of love!

O...One day, we will meet again because of our exchanged vow.

(ooc; Because Juliet's journal didn't show up in remove July list I wasn't sure if the character was dropped or not; Janine and I are assuming she "left" last night)

Jul. 27th, 2009


✿ One Hundred and First Iris ✿ [Accidental Video Post ]


[ The video flickers to show Romeo hanging upside down from the ceiling of the Firehouse, hovering over rosebuds, tightly held by morning glory and sweet peas. The vines are draped into his ankles and knees. He tries to swing away from the roses and their waiting thorns, keeping them away by wielding the garden scissors he's carrying. ]


-I wouldn't leave to fly with Cielo today. You have my word. N...Now, I ask you, to set me down to converse about this.

(ooc; Dinner out placeholderish!)

Jul. 12th, 2009

Dear lord... - exasperation

✿ One Hundredth Iris ✿ [Voice Post ]

I...um...Forgive me, brother... Juliet... I tried to resist the compelling urge, but I'm unable to fight against it anymore.

I am ashamed by how easily my weak will falters.



I want to... play...

T-Truth o-or Dare?


I said that.

Jun. 21st, 2009

Tch. Never give up.

✿ Ninety-Ninth Iris ✿ [Accidental Voice Post ]

Enough, father! Enough!! [Pause, voice slightly saddened] I forsook you once, denounced I was no son of yours, I wielded the sword to stop you, but what good did that brought?


Juliet was right to toss her sword down at your feet. The strife ended and peace... [Surprised] Ehhh?? You no longer wish to harm her. I remember when you admitted defeat... The Escalus? Was that what you sought to know? I...


[Rustle of clothes]

Look at me, father, at my side. The Escalus branch ended my life, but after our battle ended, Juliet was able to save us all!! The fate of Neo Verona was no longer sustained by the root of suffering! I promised to shoulder that fate of hers and now we preserve it in the joy of love! There wouldn't be sacrifices or tears to make the soil fertile. Are you glad about the news, father? The ruthless Arch Duke wanted to stop the Escalus? ...Um.

...How did you know about the Escalus? You died so suddenly without telling me none of your reasons. Why did you fear to love? Father. Why did you hide behind a sword and committed your life to the worship of empty greed?


Jun. 7th, 2009


✿ Ninety-Eighth Iris ✿ [Voice Post ]


I hope that everyone enjoyed the irises last week and nobody had allergies over them. We weren't mean to hurt anybody when our goal was to lift the good spirits!!

The shooting stars spectacle was more impressive than our modest rain. They adorned the sky with an intensity no firework could match! I was transfixed by that beauty. I never noticed how startling stargazing was in Neo Verona, but my interest in the sky was mostly during daylight and I spent my nights in the Keep; that was before I realize the soil needed my undivided antention more than the endless above. I was told we are supposed to make a wish upon them as they fall down, but all the wishes of my heart were already granted and I would not waste a star over selfish longings when others surely had more pending needs. I couldn't be more content with Juliet and my brother enjoying our days with the friends we made in this city.

Miss Rosella, Sir Todd, when would you find convenient to gather around and practice our lines again? I know that Miss Rosella has to practice for that dancing contest Blue is hosting in two weeks. Juliet! Juliet! Listen! Sir Blue has kindly offered to teach us that style of ballroom dancing called swing. Would you like to take up his offer? I am excited to learn something new!


Did anybody else smelled something burning inside the Opera Abandoned last night? I didn't think the smoke was coming from the kitchen.

May. 27th, 2009

Longing for the Iris

✿ Ninety-Seventh Iris ✿ [Voice Post ]

S... Stay, gentle Helena; hear my excuse:
My love, my life my soul, fair Helena!!

The claims of affections are easier to announce than the deride towards fair Hermia... I wonder why did Lysander was so cruel towards the woman he truly loved with all his heart? If magic made him fall in love with Helena, why must he dislike Hermia? No kinship or friendship he could have hold in its place?


I still need to learn my closing lines.

May is ending and spring is soon-to-be summer. Perhaps a last farewell must be done soon to celebrate the joy of flowers! We had the Flower Festival in Neo Verona! Do you still celebrate it, brother? The grand parades, the fireworks, the lovers meetings under the blossoming balconies of the gardens.

Shin. May I have a word with you? I have a favor to ask of you, my young friend.

[Filtered from Haru]

Excuse me, please, does anybody know where this man lives? I want to deliver a homemade bouquet of hawthorn to him. The... the Flower of Hope to have patience for his beloved's return.

(ooc; Laura mun: Today was the Greenhouse visit right? Go ahead and assume what happened :) ? Including the flower she chose?)

May. 13th, 2009

Is that how it is? Fascinated

✿ Ninety-Sixth Iris ✿ [Voice Post ]

Sir Ambrose! Blue has told me of your predicament in cleaning the palace by yourself, if you still need a pair of able hands to aid you in the task, I volunteer my own! Um... I have learned to sweep off the floor during my time of exile from Neo Verona and that makes me feel accomplished as someone born in the unnecessary luxury of the noble class.

The days of gloom and ferocious hair creatures look distant by today, with the happy outcome from that horrible episode, my heart feels more... at peace? Not completely, I was shaken when people of the Opera Abandoned were attacked... Content. I cannot speak ill of all days of past week, because admist that fearsome curse the City struck us, the noble iris bloomed in the fields and within our houses. It was everywhere! Juliet and I were enchanted by its scent and my mind distracted itself by the bliss of a play about love.

But I...

I wonder after reading the script: Does Demetrius returns Helena's candid love? Or is he just under a spell? How is that fair for the two of them? I celebrate Hermia's and Lysander's triumph, but I worry about the other couple's future. Can love based on magic last?

Perhaps... it wasn't the writer's intent for me to question. But it's about love a joy too great for me to not talk about.

Caspian, my friend, I hope you have enjoyed yourself in your first flight. I was glad to be in your company again! It has passed a while since we were brothers-on-canvas.

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